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We’re a grass-roots group of volunteers dedicated to advocating non-toxic,
healthy alternatives to pesticides, especially in public places.

We’re regular people, with families, jobs and life interests outside of this endeavor,
who look forward to the day when we don’t have to devote so much of our personal
time in educating the public about the hazards of pesticides.


MISSION:  We advocate effective, non-toxic methods for creating and maintaining public spaces
that will achieve healthy and beautiful outcomes for the community and the environment.

GOAL 1:  Advocate the installation of dual layer weed barrier or equivalent under all rock mulch and other suitable areas in public spaces to eliminate the need for herbicidal weed control.

GOAL 2:  Advocate non-toxic weed and pest control in lawn and other public areas where dual layer weed barrier is not appropriate.

GOAL 3:  Advocate procedures to protect the public from contact with toxic chemicals applied in public spaces.

GOAL 4:  Develop HOPE membership and thus community influence.

GOAL 5:  Develop social media, publicity and signage to inform and educate the public on HOPE goals and accomplishments, and hazards related to pesticide use.

GOAL 6:  Encourage non-toxic bids for landscape maintenance in public spaces, and facilitate small scale pilot projects demonstrating non-toxic methods.

GOAL 7:  Define and refine the organizational characteristics of HOPE.

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